Retirement is one of the most daunting things an adult has to go through in their life. In some cases if you are the owner of the company then you can retire as early or as late as you want. So before you can be able to retire or before you are forced into retirement, you have to be able to reflect and ask yourself some questions such as:

1) Was your job worth it?

This is one question whereby the answer will reflect how you have lived your life up to where you are currently. You have to ask yourself, was it worth it missing my daughters birthday simply so that I could log in more hours of overtime? Was it worth it not even having time to spend with my spouse on the weekends simply so that I can impress my boss and my workmates? If your answer to such questions is yes, then you can rest assured that your life so far has been a success. However for those of us who probably will have broken relationships with their loved ones as a result of their job then the answer will be no Depending on your answer you can now start a new leaf of your life knowing what to do.

2) Did the job make you happy?

For most people they just do a job simply because they need the money to sustain their lives and very few do a job because they actually have the passion for it However it is not uncommon that you may have started a job because you need the money but over the course of time you end up loving the job. The job becomes a part of your life and actually makes you fulfilled. Therefore if your answer is yes, then you can try probably incorporating certain aspects of that job in your everyday life.

3) Have you made enough money?

This is probably the most important question someone who is retiring can ask themselves. This is because once you retire your source of income is closed and most probably the pension you receive won’t be enough to sustain you for the rest of your life. Once you answer this question then you can know the steps to take to make your life better while in retirement. Retirement is not something that should be feared, rather something that should be looked forward to. The questions above however are just but a few things you should consider seriously as you approach your retirement.